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Puppy Scam Information

Tips on Buying a Puppy via the Internet

The internet is a great resource to help people fulfill their dream of obtaining an English Bulldog at a reasonable price; however, online puppy scams are a growing problem, infecting many websites and other forms of communication. Everyone should to be aware of what to look for and how to protect themselves so they can continue to have a good online experience. Unfortunately, some people use the internet to scam innocent people out of money and out of a puppy. Before you hand over your money take time to research the breeder.

  • Always request an appointment to see the puppy. Even if this is not possible, just suggesting it will help determine if the breeder is fraudulent. Any legitimate breeder will welcome all visitors wishing to see the puppies in person. If the “breeder” has excuses about why a site visit is not possible, stay away from them.
  • If a breeder/kennel does not post a contact phone number on their web site, stay away from them.
  • Get everything in writing.
  • The supposed "cheap" English Bulldog is a myth. If a breeder is asking a price that just seems "too good to be true," it probably is! You get what you pay for.
  • Get a list of references from the breeder, and then actually contact them by email or phone (of course, they may have a network of people they use to provide false references).
  • Never wire money or send money orders/bank checks, as these are untraceable.
  • Research the breeder on the Internet. If the breeder does not have an extensive and well-illustrated and educational website, you are running the risk of being scammed.
  • Verify that the breeder actually has the puppy. For example, ask the breeder to send you a picture of the puppy with your name written on something next to the puppy.
  • Ask the breeder a lot of questions. See how knowledgeable the breeder is about breeding, and the breed itself.
  • If it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. Trust your instincts.

Even “We” are A Target

Rock Solid Bullies has also been victimized by underhanded people stealing our puppy pictures and trying to pass them off as their own.

Rock Solid Bullies only sells direct. If you see our puppy pictures listed for sale by another firm or individual, stay away! This is fraudulent and illegal. You should not have any business relationship with them.

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